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'Angel of Death' | work in progress 'Powerllama' logo and company identity for PowerLlama3d - austin brown Realistic Selfportrait - (yes, each hair was drawn) 'I Hate Mondays' - print available for purchase 'Ghoul on the Loose' | work in progress 'Clean Underwear' - print available for purchase
Digital Painting of Kyra | work in progress Website Design | P.Gardner Character Set for Flash Animation - 'Mele Kalikimaka' (holiday) Lion O - Lord of the Thundercats! Married... With Children Illustration Dino Party - Charcter illustration
The Blue Muzzy - for Joe Brogno Futurama Contest | still not finished Grumblesaurus in 'Dino with a Tie' Evil Smurfs | Sniper Smurf Splash Angelina Jolie - 1 color Nikki Cox - 2 color
Liv Tyler - 10 color Animal | Wolf RenEvo concept Art | 'Havok' Concept Art - Red Dragon Games | guns, lots of guns Concept Art - Red Dragon Games | character poses Concept Art - Red Dragon Games | face masks
The Portfolio of Brian Whitmire The Portfolio of Brian Mills The Portfolio of Bryan Cohen The Portfolio of Jon Robins The Portfolio of Austin Brown
The Portfolio of Steven Edsall The Portfolio of Heather Cerlan The Portfolio of Seth Hendrick The Portfolio of Justin McFarlane The Portfolio of Brian Erice Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance - Multimedia Presentation - 5mb SWF file
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